Hello everyone,

I hope you all are having a fantastic week! I have just released a new version of Cloth Weaver that allows for auto updates right in Blender! After manually installing this version, you will no longer have to deal with logging into web portals and taking time out of your work-flow.

When you download the new update from Gumroad, it will say “4.16” However when installing the first time, it will say you have “4.15” and present you with the ability to download “4.16” The reason behind this is to try out the new auto update feature and make sure downloads work for all users.

If there are any issues, please email me at support@clothweaver.com and describe any errors or problems and include your OS version and Blender version.

I am hopeful that this update will greatly increase usability and allow for a more streamlined support system.

Best regards,

Alexander Kane
Managing Member of Xanderak, LLC

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