FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us we advice you to carefully read our frequently asked questions. We do our best to list the most commonly asked questions here.

NOTE: Blender must be in English for some modules of Cloth Weaver to work correctly!


– How do I install Cloth Weaver?

In Blender, go to File → user preferences → Add-ons and “install Add-on from File”. Locate the ClothWeaver.zip folder and choose install… You do NOT need to unzip the .zip folder

– How do I update?

Log in to your Gumroad account, view your Library, select Cloth Weaver and click download.


In Blender’s user preferences, REMOVE the old Cloth Weaver version, save user settings and restart Blender. Then install the new update as usual.

– I originally purchased Cloth Weaver on Blender Market, how can I receive updates?

Please send a copy of your Blender Market receipt to support@clothweaver.com and you will receive instructions for updating.

– Which operating system is Cloth Weaver compatible with?

Cloth Weaver will work with any OS that supports Blender: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux


*Please see Blender's download page for compatible systems: https://www.blender.org/download/

– Which version of Blender is Cloth Weaver compatible with?

Cloth Weaver currently works with Blender 2.77-2.79 and will be compatible with Blender 2.8 once a stable version is released.


– Do you offer educational discounts for highschools and universities?

Please contact us at support@clothweaver.com and we will make it work!

– Do you offer student discounts?

Please contact us using your assigned school email address at support@clothweaver.com


*We do offer “back to school” discounts in August for all individual subscription and perpetual licenses. 

– May I use Cloth Weaver for commercial use?

You own anything you create with Cloth Weaver. Yes, you can use anything you create for personal and commercial use!


*Mini-Market items will tell you if they can be used commercially or not. Please honor them.

**Please obey copyright laws

[Please read our terms and conditions for more information] 

– May I sell items created with Cloth Weaver?

Yes! Anything you create with Cloth Weaver is yours to do with as you please. As an example, many Cloth Weaver users design mesh clothing for Second Life. We only ask that you please give a shout out to Cloth Weaver.


*You may NOT re-sell or re-distribute any items from the Mini-Market

**Please obey copyright laws

[Please read our terms and conditions for more information]

Working with Clothing

– Clothing is hovering above the character?

The collision on the character needs to be closer to the skin. On the character’s collision, change the outer to 0.005 or 0.001.

– Clothing presets appear much bigger/smaller than my character.

If the clothing is too big or small, scale it down or up to match your character. If the character is smaller than one square on the Blender’s default grid floor, then the character’s scale will need to be increased.

– Must the figure be in a T-pose? Will the plug-in be able to handle A or Star poses?

The clothing templates are designed to best work with T-poses. However, if the clothing is adjusted to your specific pose before hand, yes any pose should work.

– UV mapping is incorrect when exporting to Unreal Engine

Select the clothing in Blender, go to the data panel and make sure the selected UV map is the one you want exported. When unwrapping each section (patterns, bump map, grunge), make sure you have the correct UV map also selected.

Error messages

– KeyError: bpy_prop_collection[key]: key “Cloth” not found

Anything along the error of “key ___ not found…” Blender must be changed to English to execute the command.

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