Read all about Cloth Weaver's features. Keep an eye out for this page in the future as we are constantly adding improvements to our software. For in depth release notes please view the changelog page.

Clothing templates

Ready to dive in? Quickly add clothes to your characters with our built-in templates! Scale and align the template to your model, then watch as the fabric wraps around and dresses your character! New templates added monthly!

Custom clothing

The legacy way of crafting clothes can be very time consuming and frustrating.

Cloth Weaver removes the headache of modeling the entire clothing piece. No more roaming through endless dropdown menus, adjusting dozens of parameters and simulation settings.

Easily create your clothing outline, setup the sections to be sewn together and Cloth Weaver takes over the rest in just 2 buttons!

Materials, Patterns & Textures

From polyester golf shirts to leather jackets and more, Cloth Weaver’s built-in shader can create various clothing materials.

Use our provided patterns and textures or supply your own to design photo-realistic fabrics.


Mini Market

Browse for templates and pre-built items in categories that range from accessories, clothing, decor, game assets, etc.

The Mini-Market is a side panel in Cloth Weaver where users can share, buy and sell original content.

These items can be developed with any 3D program!


*Items you contribute must be original, we will NOT tolerate plagiarism.

**The Mini-Market only advertises paid items, you must provide a link to your product’s purchase page.

***Freely shared items are hosted on our servers.

Read our terms and conditions for more information

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