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A Library of Clothing Templates

Ready to dive in? Quickly add clothing to your characters with our growing library of templates! Most items come with a 2D outline and 3D pre-built version to get you started. New templates added frequently!

Custom Clothes

The legacy way of crafting clothes can be very time consuming and frustrating.

Cloth Weaver removes the headache of modeling the entire clothing piece. No more roaming through endless dropdown menus, adjusting dozens of parameters and simulation settings.

Easily create your clothing outline, setup the sections to be sewn together and Cloth Weaver takes over the rest in just a few buttons!

Fabrics & Accessories

You don’t get limited to clothing only; With Cloth Weaver you can create entire objects made from fabrics such as bags, purses, tents, towels, etc. We also recommend that you experiment with Cloth Weaver to see what you can come up with!

Materials, Patterns & Textures

From polyester golf shirts to leather jackets and more, Cloth Weaver’s built-in Blender Cycles material can create a myriad of photo-realistic fabrics. Use our provided patterns and textures or supply your own to bring your clothing to life! 



  • Bump Maps – Cotton Fibers 
  • Patterns – Leaves, Plaid, Pineapples, Stripes

Values for creating the following types of materials


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Import custom and pre-built characters from other popular 3D programs and libraries! Known compatible character libraries include but not limited to: Avastar, Blender, Daz3D, IMVU, Make Human, Manuel Bastioni Lab, Poser

Other Features

Automatic Updates: Cloth Weaver will show an alert in the top status panel when updates are available for download. You can directly download new updates right within the Cloth Weaver panel! There is no more need to spend time opening a web browser, logging in to web portals and manually downloading.

Backup/Restore: Cloth Weaver automatically creates a backup of the current clothing model when you use the “put on clothing” button. This allows you to restore the previous version, providing a faster work-flow and saving time when troubleshooting! 

Reflect: Reflects your model on the Z-Axis (mirrors your clothing, swaps left<->right)

Reset UVs: Resets the UV map to the default unwrapping (useful starting out and after adding seams)

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